These are the faces that keep me going every single day.
These are the faces that inspire me to try and be better person.
These are the faces that make me happy and bring me so much joy.
These are the faces that I love!

These faces are really all I need every single day, but unfortunately, life is not that easy. There are a lot of other faces out there that demand my time and attention.

Church faces.
Cub Scout faces.
School faces.
PTA faces.
Friend faces.
Extended Family faces.
Lots of different faces.

Trying to manage the many different faces that I need to keep up with can be complicated and also bring me lots of joy. However, the hardest part for me is trying to manage the many different faces that I am supposed to put on every single day. I'm trying to manage these different faces, but sometimes I just don't feel motivated to do it all.

Lately, I have had so many feelings and thoughts swirling through my head about life and motherhood. I haven't quite been able to articulate the way I've been feeling. I have been so inspired by some faces in the blogging community that have been able to articulate some of my feelings and inspire me to want to be better.


Clover Lane

The faces of these women who blog is all I know. I don't know these women personally. I've only seen their faces and read their stories. However, they have inspired me to want to be a better person. They have beautifully put into words many of the things I couldn't put into words. Sometimes, looking outside my small circle of faces is all it takes to gain a little perspective and some added inspiration.

P.S. Check out the guest blog I did today at Tangled and True.


Sarah said...

Thanks Brittany! I think you do an excellent job of articulating! :)

Andi said...

Life can get crazy at times. You do a great job at balancing!! I don't know how you get everything done that you do. You are amazing and you are a great wife and mother. Thanks for sharing the things that you do.

Hawk Family said...

I think you are an amazing example and you balance all those faces very well. You have just added 3 more must reads to my list.

Erika said...

Okay I am already sick of leaving comments on your blog... NOT! That was totally a joke. I get so excited when it says that Britts Broadcast has a new post so you better keep it up! I know that you do it all, and I really don't know how... you are an example to me and such a good big sister! Counting down the days....21! I'm sure you are counting down too, for a couple reasons :) Good luck!

Michelle said...

Okay, I am sure that you are sick of comments from me. Maybe not. The 6 you left me the other day sure gave me a good laugh.
Anyway, nice job on the other blog thing you did. I like that blog. I even entered a contest on it. So thanks for the tip. I am feeling lucky, I entered with 3 hours of play time left! If I win, I let you look at my prize!
Can you hear the sarcasm in my voice?
Love ya

Reeses Pieces said...

Cub Scouts??? Do you serve in Scouts? If so HELP!!! Haha me being another Face to help. We don't have a scout leader here and I'm clueless. I may have to bug you in the near future.