spring = organizing

{this is reality}

It seems like everyone, including myself, is thinking or talking about organizing right now. I've decided it's because springtime is here. We are all trying to get things in order in our lives so that we'll be prepared to enjoy our time outside once the nice weather decides to stay. Plus, sunshine is motivating! I've loved all the feedback I've received about organizing because it's motivating me to get better organized. I'd love to know your favorite organizing tips? I'm trying to label my posts now and I found a few of my previous entries regarding organizing. You can find them all here.


Anonymous said...

Reality - whatever! Your office is always perfectly put away. That is just what it looks like when you've pulled everything out to get it organized!

Tonii said...

I love this post Brittany! I love organizing tips too, especially from the real deal like you, not a wannabe like me :) And I KNEW I had seen that meal planner spreadsheet somewhere, I should have known it was your blog!! I will make sure to credit you for it! Thanks for the great ideas, can't wait to see some more awesome tips.

Michelle said...

Okay, comment queen, since you have been leaving me so many comments (may I mention that you are the only one) I feel slightly obliged to leave you a comment. Only slightly.
But seriously thanks for this post. I need to do this. Since we have listed our house, we have been fairly organized - gotta keep things ready, ya know. But one area I lack is the office. When it is show time, I tend to start stashing stuff. But- no time like the present. Thanks for sending some motivation my way.
Love ya. Mich.

Annie said...

I keep checking your blog but have not commented. You are my idol.

Utley Family said...

My tip...do what Brittany Jones does! I have learned so many organizing ideas from you! I even labeled my refrigerator because of you! Keep the ideas coming!

jessica.emily.adams said...

It's so refreshing to see an office that looks like mine. Somehow I find a sort of "organization" in all of my desktop disarray, weird right? No matter how I try, it just gets messed up with all the things I need at my fingertips.
I've tried file cabinets, folders, boxes, shelves, etc. etc. etc. so far none of the above have succeeded in keeping everything contained! *sigh*