my acceptance speech

You all know that I'd be totally lying if I said I wasn't excited about receiving my first blog award. Imagine my shock when I was reading along to one of my favorite blogger friends and saw my name. Thanks Tonii!

As part of my acceptance speech I think I'm supposed to share 10 things that make me happy. Here they are in no particular order:

1. Sunshine {keep it coming Mother Nature}.
2. Family fun {I love having all of my family together in the same room doing something fun together. Pure bliss!}
3. Friends {I have the greatest friends ever. period.}
4. My Home {everything about it makes me so happy...the people, the decor, the smells}
5. Baking {love the smells, love creating, love taste testing!}
6. Containers {love organizing containers or food containers; paper, plastic, round, square, big, little...love them all!}
7. Target {I can't lie, it makes me so happy}.
8. Exercise {love running, love working out, love being active, love sweating}.
9. My Religion {love praying, love reading the scriptures, love the Prophet, love my Savior, love the peace and joy that the knowledge of the gospel brings to my life daily}.
10. Blogging {love writing about my life, love reading about others lives}.

I now get to pass this award on to some of the blogs that make me so happy, Obviously, my family and friends blogs are my absolute favorite and make me the most happy! So, I will share some other blogs that I find joy in:

Tootsie Magee and the Shpanky Brothers. I always know that I will be laughing so hard when I read Annie's witty and hilarious posts. I went to high school with Annie and had no idea she was this funny. Love her brutal honesty and funny approach to life.

Think Garnish. Remember I said that I love containers? This blog has all those food containers that I'm in love with. I am beyond giddy when I search through the products and ideas on this blog/website. You can actually order products, but be careful. If you're like me, you won't be able to leave this site without spending $$$$. If you do, it will be worth it. The owner of this company sends everything in the most beautiful packaging and also sends a personalized thank you note. Heavenly!

Gina's Weight Watcher Recipes. Best healthy recipe blog I've found. This woman has never led me astray. I've tried dozens of her recipes and loved every single one of them.

It's what makes me...me. This girl has perspective. Because of her life experiences, she has the most genuine perspective on life, religion and family that I've ever read. I always know that I will feel inspired and uplifted by reading her posts. Plus, the beautiful photography and her darling family is a bonus!

Clover Lane. I've recently mentioned this blog, but I wanted to make sure you didn't forget. This is worth checking out just for her darling blog header. Those kids are gorgeous! While you're there, take some time to read a couple of her posts featured on the side of her blog. You'll be hooked!

I could go on and on, but just pretend like the dramatic music in the background is now playing. I'd just like to quickly thank my Mom for always commenting on every single post, the Man and my beautifully neglected children for allowing me to write this post!


Gina said...

Thanks Brittany!! I too love Sunshine, Family, Friends, Home, Blogging, My Faith, Baking and Target!

nicole said...

wow, brittany...i feel so honored. thank you so much. really, you just made my day :)

Mark said...

I know Tori likes probably everything on your list. I'll have to say though, that she LOVES Target. She always suggests that we go there, whenever we need to go shopping.

Annie said...

Thanks Brittany! You are so adorable. I was reading recently about how you've taken up running and guess what? I went running that day. Now I just need you to motivate me to run a marathon. Oh, and also, I'd like to put your kids in my pocket. They are so cute!

Andi said...

Congrats that is exciting and thanks for sharing the other blogs. Although I don't know how you find the time to look at them! I need more time!!!

brandy said...

Congrats! You deserve it, girl! I love reading your blog!

Patty said...

OK, now I'm feeling guilty because I just noticed that YOU have posted 10 blogs since I last read them. And thanks for noticing my comments - I do love to read everything about you and you life! You are amazing!