book of life

 We each have our own book of life.   Our books are full of chapters.  Some chapters are happier than others.  Some chapters are cliff hangers.  Some chapters seem to drag on forever.  Some chapters you don't want to see end.  However, each of these chapters is important to the development of our life stories.  I believe that our Heavenly Father is the author of this book and we are merely characters.  If we allow Him, he will develop us into the characters we have the potential to become.  However, if we ignore this beautiful plan our Heavenly Father has for us, our life story might turn into a tragedy instead of a fairy tale.

I believe my life story is definitely a fairy tale.  All fairy tales have adventure, love, happiness, laughter, contention, evil, disappointment and heartache, but in the end good prevails.  I know that if I can conquer the villains in my story that my fairy tale will have a happy ending.  However, right now I'm just closing one amazing chapter in my life and starting on a new scary adventure.

This new chapter in my life is scary.  I am getting older, my kids won't stop getting older and life seems more complicated than it ever has before.  However, I know that I'm not the author.  I know that I am simply playing a part and I must trust in my Heavenly Father's plan for me.  Heavenly Father has never let me down before.  In previous chapters, I have felt loss, disappointment, sadness, sorrow, discouragement, but all of it has ultimately lead me to happiness. 

I am so happy.  My fairy tale life has been filled with so much adventure, love, peace and joy.  I know that once this chapter in my life concludes I will look back and see the many amazing things that have come from the challenges we face, but right now I'm just trying to have faith that Heavenly Father knows what is best for my story.  That's really all we can do each day.  Play our part, do our part, be our best and have faith in our Heavenly Father's Plan.

I don't really know where my life story is headed, but I'm excited to see what happens along the way!

Editor's Note:  No, I'm not pregnant, we're not moving, no job change, nothing drastic is going on in our lives and Tim and I are still madly in love.  I'm just referring to {and being dramatic about} all the little things in life.


Andi said...

That was a great post!! I was thinking that you might be pregnant and on google reader the Editor's note was so small I almost missed it!! I love your perspective on life!!

Belcher Fam said...

So I seriously need to check your blog more! Amazing cute parties, organizing tips, inspiring words...and Parker! You are an amazing mom-can I hire the Jones CEO to train the Belcher CEO?

Reeses Pieces said...

It's funny because after I ready your shower post the other day I decided I needed to go downstairs and bake some cookies. I'm glad you shared some of your recipes...I'm always in need of new ones.

Jay and Bec said...

Life can be so hard!! Hang in there. I know you will have your happy ending. Love ya!

Patty said...

Cool, Britt! You think alot; it is good! I, like you, feel like I'm finishing a chapter in my book AND starting a new one! Life is GOOD! Keep writing it all down; what great memories you have in your book!