memorial day

{Sophia & Les}

We had a Memorial Day BBQ at our house with my family.  As you can tell, some of us enjoyed it more than others!

 {Harper & Grandma Chesnut}

We had so much fun loving on all the babies and were so happy to have Brian, Erika & Harper here from Colorado.  

{Parker & Grandma Patty}

These two are just silly together.  Who knows what they are up to?


Cooper was getting a little bit jealous of all the babies getting so much attention.  He started sticking his tongue out and grunting a lot.  Do babies do that?  I guess mine does!
{Les, Payton & Parker}

We also celebrated Les's Birthday.  How many candles is that?

{Parker, Harper & Grandpa Ock}

Parker didn't like sharing the attention with the babies either so he just jumped in the middle of it!

{My Mom}

Last, but definitely not least.  Our favorite moment of the night!  My Mom kept getting hit in the head by the basketball so she requested a helmet.  Request granted.  

Happy Memorial Day!

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Andi said...

Fun day!! I love the helmet!