spring soccer season

{Zach, Eli, Burke, Aiden, Ryker & Parker}

Parker had a great soccer season.  He enjoyed playing and turned into a great little player this season.  He scored lots of goals, made some great passes and had fun running around with his friends.

{Tim, Oliver, Hunter, Abe, Josh, Lauren, Alex, Chase, Madison & Payton} 

Tim had another great soccer season coaching Payton's team.  This is their last season together and we are sad to see it end.  Tim has coached most of these kids since the beginning.  It's been fun to watch them grow and improve over the years.  Payton has also turned into a great little soccer player.  He had a great season.  He has some great ball handling skills and he's also a great little goalie.  He's had a lot of fun playing with his friends.

We sure do love these boys and really enjoy watching them play!

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