wasatch back ragnar relay 2010

{Strong & Hanni Team}

My experience was so great last year (minus the dehydration causing me to feel like I was going to die part) and for some reason the Strong & Hanni team invited me to run with them again this year (pretty sure it's too ensure that none of them have the slowest times) so I couldn't resist!  Although my training consisted of about two short runs leading up to this race, I had a great time.

{Our Van...Jackie, Jeremy, Emilee, Laura, Me, Ryan & James?!}  

This picture is hilarious because James is actually standing with us in the picture next to Ryan (can you see his shorts?), but whoever took it cut him off.  Sorry James!

{Laure & Emilee}

Isn't it obvious these two are sisters?  Emilee is my neighbor and her husband Jeremy is the one who coordinates the team and was nice enough to invite me.

{Jackie-O...my back seat partner}

{Laura exchanging with me...off I go!}

The highlights of this race for me were:

1.  Emilee letting me borrow her shorts.  Only a true friend would let someone else sweat in their brand new shorts and then take them home and wash them....eeew!  I would have died from the heat without those shorts.  Thanks Em.

2.  Jeremy running my second leg for me.  I consider it a sacrifice, but Jeremy sees it otherwise.  It was like 2 am.  I was half asleep.  Who cares about running?  Jeremy offered to run it and I said, "okay."  He coordinated the whole thing, he drove us the entire time, supplied us with drinks...it was the least I could do!  Plus, he wasn't running because he got an injury (but somehow managed to do my longest run...questionable, I know?)  I also know that I've disgraced the Jones name, but this race is all about  fun...right?  Thanks Jeremy.

3.  The great company.  Our van was filled with fun.  I loved being with Emilee & Laura who were both running for the first time.  They were so nervous.  It was fun to watch their excitement and anticipation.  Not to mention, they are just fun to be around and talk to.  Also, Jackie is a riot.  She has great stories and let's us sleep at her house!  The boys make us laugh, "Why The Face?!"  Ryan has endless amounts of stories about everything.  James made me laugh even when he wasn't trying {Toy Story 3} and Jeremy's quiet nature is deceivingly funny.  Thanks Van Crew.

4.  My amazing supportive husband & family.  I was just coming around the corner of my last run approaching my climb to the finish line when I saw my family pull into the parking lot.  It couldn't have been better timing.  I love seeing my family during a race.  It's all the motivation I need to push myself harder and keep going.  Tim was so great.  This race was pretty crazy to pull off.  Tim (along with my boys, in-laws and a car packed for a road trip) picked me up at the finish line in Park City.  We then drove straight to St. George on our way to a 9-day vacation in California.  Which meant that Tim had to pack up the van and get the boys ready all on his own while I was off running through the mountains.  They also had to traipse through the crazy finish line crowds (seriously crazy...picture grown men in super-hero costumes, wedding dresses and speedos) to find me.  True love...I know.  Thanks family.

Okay, this felt more like an acceptance speech than highlights.  Bottom line, it was a great race thanks to everyone involved...and no thanks to my lack of training!  

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