church history museum

We had the neat experience of getting a tour of the Church History Museum by a very special tour guide...Grandpa Carver.  Tim's Grandpa serves at the Church History Museum so Tim's mom coordinated a special visit for us.  I had never been there before...it was amazing!  They have a special exhibit just for children which is really cool and obviously tons of great history.  I could have spent hours there.

Grandpa Carver is a great story teller and this tour was no exception.  I think Payton was the only one really listening to his stories.  Payton loves to share the story Grandpa told him about one of our ancestors that couldn't smell anything carrying around a raccoon and then eating it.  {Pretty sure some of the story was fabricated, you never know with Grandpa because he likes to tease, but we saw the raccoon in a picture so Payton believes it.}

Did I mention the highlight of our California trip?  The bears!  Here's more proof.  These bears go everywhere with us now.

Grandpa was able to show us some of our very own relatives history.  This was something that Grandma Carver's Great (not sure how many Great's) Grandma made.  If you know Tim's Grandma & Mom, you know that crafting is definitely in their DNA...this is further proof. 

We had such a great experience and we can't wait to go back and learn more.

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