herriman fire {my story part II}

We arrived at Tim's parents home around 10:30 pm.  Tim's Mom, being the amazing hostess she is, had already prepared beds for us and laid out food for breakfast in the morning.  The kids woke up when we arrived and were happy to be at Grandma's with some of their best friends.  Payton, Chase, Parker and Kyle ran downstairs to immediately begin playing video games.

Payton told Chase, "My Grandparents are rich.  That's why their TV is so big."

Obviously, the boys had forgotten how worried they were just moments earlier.  As soon as they were safe in their grandparents home with the fire a good distance away they felt peace again and were acting like their normal rowdy selves.

Jaimy and I began unloading our lives from our vans while Tim's parents monitored the news and the wild toddlers, Cooper and Allie.

"This is crazy."  I believe were the only words I could think to say all night long.  I too felt so much peace at the Jones's home.  I knew we would be okay.  As we unpacked our things, we also were trying to piece together the events of the night.

"It's amazing how fast this all happened."  Jaimy said.  "We were sitting at the Blackridge Reservoir casually watching the helicopters get water and then we were packing up and leaving just an hour later."

We reviewed the events of the night over and over trying to process all that had happened.  We kept in touch with our husband's to learn that the fire was rapidly coming down the mountain closest to our homes.  They were enjoying a street party with all our friends and neighbors.

I thought of my friends whose homes were much closer to danger than mine.  I sent a few texts to friends and made some phone calls.  Everyone was safe with their families.  All was well.

Kent and Ann both had to work early the next morning.  It was close to midnight and we knew the kids needed to get to bed.  We worked out sleeping arrangements, but before getting the kids tucked in, we knelt together in prayer to thank our Heavenly Father for our blessings and to ask for continued safety and protection.  Again, we felt peace.  Payton and Chase went to sleep without a problem.  They laid in the same bed and told silly jokes until they couldn't keep their eyes open anymore.

Parker couldn't sleep.  I put him to bed in my room and then tried to sneak out to take a shower.  I reeked of smoke.  He followed behind me and said, "Mommy, do you think Daddy is dead?"

My child actually believed that his Daddy might have died in the fire.  I was reminded that my sweet 5-year-old did not understand the situation and that I needed to do much more explaining.  I reassured him that Daddy, and everyone else in Herriman, would be safe.  I asked him if he'd like to say another prayer,  "That's what I've been doing all night Mommy.  I've been praying that Daddy wouldn't die."

I was again reminded that my sweet 5-year-old did not understand the situation, but he most certainly understood faith and prayer.  He knew that he could prayer to Heavenly Father anytime and anywhere.  I never saw him kneeling to pray or folding his arms, but he was praying.  He knew that Heavenly Father would listen to him.  He had enough faith to trust that Heavenly Father could keep his Daddy safe when he really believed he was in danger of dying.

I laid in bed with Parker on one side, Cooper on the other side and Payton upstairs fast asleep.  As I held my babies, I silently thanked Heavenly Father over and over again for my blessings.

I received a call from Tim, "We're on our way.  An officer came by and told us they would be evacuating our homes within the hour."

I became worried, "Is our home in danger?"

Tim immediately responded, "No.  Our homes will be fine."  I didn't understand, how he could be so sure.  "The fire has come down the mountain, but I really think our home will be fine.  We'll see you soon."

I believed him.  I had faith that Tim knew what he was talking about.  I had faith that Heavenly Father would bless us.  I believed that many, many homes would be destroyed that night, but I felt that ours would be safe.  I began praying for my friends and neighbors home.  I again thanked Heavenly Father for my blessings.

Parker and Cooper finally fell asleep and I slipped out of bed to greet Tim and Doug as they arrived.  Jaimy was up with Allie who refused to fall asleep in this foreign place.  The five of us, including Allie, stayed up talking about the events of the night until after 2:00 am.  It felt like a fun sleepover with some of our friends.  However, I think deep down we were scared to go to sleep not knowing what the outcome would be in the morning.

I was finally able to shower and get the smoke smell out of my hair.  I crawled into bed with Tim around 2:30 am.  As I snuggled up to him, I again felt compelled to thank Heavenly Father for my blessings.


Alison said...

Wow, I did not understand how close you guys were to fire. Let us know if we can do anything for you. Also finish the story! Are you guys okay?

Becca said...

That just broke my heart. Parker is so cute!

Patty said...

What can I say? Sad, happy, scarey, touching, grateful, blessed, . . ! Thanks for your comments!