herriman fire {showing gratitude}

Over the next few days there was still a lot of activity going on in our neighborhood.  The fire was still not contained and firefighters continued to work hard.  I felt helpless sitting in my home listening to helicopters overhead and reading the newspaper.

I wanted to do something to help, but wasn't sure what I could do with three small children at home.  For lack of not knowing what to do, but feeling compelled to do something, we spent our time driving around the neighborhood spectating.

I drove up to a lookout point with 5 kids {mine and 2 friends} in my van.  I piled all the kids out of the car and we stood looking over the valley surveying the damage.  I heard some voices and turned around to see this:

Oops...maybe I should be sitting at home instead of getting in the way of the firefighters trying to do their jobs.  I quickly got the kids back in the car and we headed home.

It was a great learning opportunity for my children.  They were able to see firsthand how these firefighters, police officers and national guardsmen serve our community.  As we drove past where they were stationed, my boys yelled out the window, "Can we get your autograph?"

One police officer motioned for us to stop and she gave the boys a sticker badge.  They were in heaven.  Parker took it to school for show-and-tell.

Later that night, I found Parker making an autograph book, "Mom, can I get the policeman's autographs?"  They were his heroes. 

While I sat around feeling helpless my amazing friends were coming up with plans.  They coordinated an awesome thank you project for the firefighters.  We all signed a poster and many Moms made home baked goods to deliver.

With an autograph book, cookies and cards, we headed to the command center to greet the men and women who were saving our community.  These firefighters had worked all night long.  They were tired.  They needed a shower.  They were selfless.  They took time to show our young kids their fire trucks and equipment.  The happily gave Parker their autographs.  It was obvious why these individuals chose this profession.  They had a passion for what they were doing.  They spent much of their precious sleep time talking to us.  We thanked them, but again they seemed to help us more than we helped them!

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Patty said...

Now, I can't stop the tears! What a NEAT project for your families! I am so proud of the firefighters AND your group who are thanking them!