family, food, fun and...santa

It was our annual Jones Family Christmas Party.  The title pretty much summed up the events of the day.  It's always fun to be with the Jones family.  These people know how to throw a great party.  The women exchange gifts (my favorite) and the kids always get a visit from Santa Claus.  Tim's Great-Aunt Marge made these hats for everyone.  Our family all chose red & black hats.  Wonder why?  My children's clothes selection doesn't give it away at all!  My boys consider these their Christmas outfits.  "Mom, they're red.  That's a Christmas color!"

I love seeing my boys with Santa.  Parker couldn't think of anything he wanted for Christmas so he said, "um, um, um" at least twenty times.  Payton told Santa he wanted an Ipod.  (That's totally new information).  Cooper just sat with a nervous grin on his face. 

These were found in the "Letters to Santa" bag the next night...

{A few of the words got cut off on the sides when I scanned this (even after trying 5 times), but you get the point.}

Tis' the season!


Jaimy said...

Such cute pictures of your family. I love reading Payton's letter to Santa. He has never let on that he has all this emotion him!

Send in the Clown said...

Um Your family did not originally select Black and Red hats. You selected a Gray and Brown combo that I was given. I was hoping that I could get my black and red hat from you some day. Thank you.

Patty said...

Love to see the Jones FUN parties! Wow, where have I been - haven't read for awhile! YOU KEEP UP ON EVERYTHING SO WELL!