month in review

Payton earned his Wolf!
Finding many ways to use coffee-mate creamers (hot chocolate & apple cider work also)
Teacher Gifts
Neighbor Gifts
12-days of Christmas Gifts
Friend Gifts (for the not-so-cool friends)
Friend Gifts (for the super-cool friends)
Tim was gone for a week, but came home with one of these!  Now we have His & Her Ipads.
Sugar Cookies (Thank you, Fawson's!)
Some helped with sugar cookies more than others!
More presents.  I think my kids will have received more gifts before Christmas than after!
Bergstrom White Elephant Exchange...that's my brother!
Sweet Snuggie, Willis!
Cooper playing with Sophia's present while she tries to get her hands on HER toy!
Christmas Cards sent after three years of no cards.
Snowman Built.
Snow Enjoyed!
Sweet Slide by Daddy

Presents Wrapped.

Oh, the joy of the holidays.  Now, we're ready for the big day and the fun celebrations that await us!


Jaimy said...

My kids love their banners - thank you again! What a fun month. You've been busy, busy, busy. What will you do in January??!!! Merry Christmas!

Patty said...

Beautiful gifts, beautiful people, wonderful traditions, good job on the WOLF Payton!