fun day with nortons and i am THAT mom

It was my sister's last day in town and we planned to take the kids to Discovery Gateway.  However, Parker woke up at 7:00 am and threw up.  Then Cooper woke up at 7:30 am and threw up.  I was bummed that our plans would be ruined.  But, immediately after hurling, my boys were running around, playing and acting totally normal.  They ate breakfast and seemed 100%.

I talked to Erika and she told me that Harper had been throwing up all night.  Fabulous!  She was going to see how she was doing and we'd talk in a few hours.  After a few hours, all the kids were doing great so against my better judgment we decided to carry on with our plans.

We met Brian, Erika, Harper and Brian's Dad at Discovery Gateway (which we now have a membership to if anyone would like to join us for a play date).  The kids all had so much fun.  You would have never known that just hours before they were hurling.  My kids hands were thoroughly sanitized, but I did keep looking at the other parents and feeling so guilty.

After being there for over an hour, Parker said his stomach was hurting and he wanted to lay in the stroller.  After resting for a bit, we then went to the restroom where he threw up.  Luckily, nobody else was in the restroom.  I took out my wet wipes and wiped down the seat after he barfed.  I also scrubbed his hands better than any surgeon ever would.  Then sanitized his hands (and mine) really well.

We left the bathroom and Parker was immediately bouncing around and back to his normal self.  This is the part I'm most ashamed of.  After, he threw up in the bathroom we continued to stay and play.  THAT is so wrong.  I never thought I would be THAT Mom, but I was.  I am. 

I told myself he was thoroughly sanitized and not spreading germs.  Also, after paying that much money and being that far from home, I didn't want to leave.   I really am embarrassed and ashamed.  I don't blame you for reporting me to Discovery Gateway and having my membership revoked.  What I did was wrong.   

But, look at the great time they had POST-barfing...

I'd love to promise that I'll never to do that again, but how can I?  Once you're THAT Mom, can you go back?  I hope so.

I also should tell you that Cooper began throwing up again that night.  It gets better.  After throwing up Monday evening he never threw up again UNTIL he was at playschool Thursday morning with 8 of his friends.  3 days he doesn't throw up.  3 days we don't go anywhere and then he throws up with 8 other toddlers.


(None of the play school friends have reported being sick...yet!)

Parker also threw up again Friday night and Saturday night following the Monday adventure at Discovery Gateway.  Is that the craziest virus you've ever heard of?  We thought it was! 

We are all healthy now and not throwing up.  I hope you'll still be my friend!


Amanda said...

I was laughing reading this because let's face it- everyone is "that" mom at least once in your parenting experience. Kids are so hard to read sometimes and it makes it hard to know if they are really sick or if it is a fluke. You are still a super cute mom in my book :)

Anonymous said...

You're so cute!
I love you even though you are THAT mom! We can still be friends!
(I'll just invest in tubs of Purell!)

Us said...

Well if it makes you feel any better none of my kids got the stomache flu after playschool that day :) Em