payton turns nine

Payton turned nine-years-old and we can hardly believe it.  Although, some days he already seems like an adult.  He already prefers to hang out with the adults instead of the kids at any family function.  He does NOT play with toys anymore.  He is very interested in all the adult dialogue in our home.  He doesn't like cartoons anymore.  He's really trying to show us that he is not a child, but sometimes you can catch him playing with his younger brothers or watching Cooper's morning cartoons.  He also still loves the potty talk, but does that ever go away in boys?! 

It's hard to watch him transition to a big kid instead of a child.  Payton has always been over the top responsible.  He is a great babysitter.  I can trust him to do anything I ask him to, usually he'll do it better than I can.  We are so lucky that he's our oldest child and he fits the mold perfectly.  He's a great example to his younger brothers.  

The only thing that we heard about for MONTHS before his birthday is that he wanted an itouch.  Actually, first it was an iphone and when he realized that would never happen, he changed his birthday wish to an itouch.  We kept acting like it probably wouldn't happen.  He was BEYOND excited when he got his birthday wish!  Pretty sure he hasn't put it down since his birthday.  He loves being able to play Words with Friends and Hanging with Friends with family.  He also loves that he can Face Time me from his bedroom.  He'll call just to say, "goodnight."  I actually think the itouch was an awesome investment and am glad he got what he wanted.

Another thing he wanted was NO PARTY!  I was crushed.  I'd already bought a bunch of party supplies and I love birthday parties.  I took the birthday supplies and gave them to his school class instead.  Payton insisted that he only wanted a "late night" with his two best friends; Chase and Alex.  We went to the store and picked out a ton of treats, which Payton thought was so cool.  The boys spent the night "hanging out."  It's crazy that he's growing out of so many things so fast (birthday parties...already?!).

We had such a fun time celebrating Payton and feel so blessed that this "big kid" is part of our family!

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