father of the year

Tim loves to joke.  Whenever I do something stupid or make a parenting mistake or maybe even just for fun, Tim will say, "Mother of the Year."  He knows I hate it.  It's like nails on a chalkboard.  Because, honestly, I really do aspire to be "Mother of the Year" and it's offensive that he takes that title so lightly!  So, in honor of Father's Day...Tim gets the "Father of the Year" award.  I really mean it.  Yes, he makes mistakes.  He's not perfect (believe me), but to our children he is "Father of the Year."  He may not always say or do the perfect fatherly thing, but he spends time with our boys.  He shows them that he loves them.  He (in between all the harassment and jokes) makes sure they know they are loved.  So, even though Tim loves to tease and joke and he makes too many mistakes to count.  We still think he's "Father of the Year."  Joke on that!


P.S.  Love you babe!  (Have I mentioned that I'm in a crazy mood?  Something about not blogging in months is making me even sillier...and the bed rest, and the contractions, and my husband being out of town!)

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