soccer season 2010-11

Parker had a good soccer season.  Towards the end, he wasn't sure if he wanted to play soccer anymore.  He was lacking a LOT of passion and spent more time skipping on the field than playing soccer.  However, when it came time to sign up he decided he really wanted to do it again.  We'll give it another year and see.  Parker had times where he was awesome and then other times when he was bored.  Either way, he always had fun playing.  Thanks to Coach Shane for a great year!

Payton had a wild start to the soccer season.  After not making a competition team at tryouts, Payton was so discouraged and not sure he even wanted to play soccer anymore.  He lost a lot of confidence and was sad.  We all were!  However, before the season started we got a call and Payton was asked to play with a comp team for a tournament.  He decided this was his chance to show them what he was made of and he was awesome!  They asked him to be on the team and the rest is history.  By the end of this spring season, Payton had improved so much and regained all his passion for soccer back.  He turned into a great little player this past season.  We are proud of him for never giving up and working hard to improve!

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