crew's birth - meeting his brothers

After our incredible brush with heaven, reality set back in.  The nurses were back in the room bringing me food (I hadn't eaten in 36 hours) and checking on the baby.  We also realized that there were many others waiting on our good news.  This was the picture text that family and friends received.  

I immediately started eating, while the nurses attended to Crew.  He had low blood sugar so they needed to get some food into his body.  Apparently, we both needed to eat.

After the birth, the next greatest experience is watching the faces of my boys as they met their new brother for the first time.  Payton was first into the room and got to see me throwing up.  My body didn't agree with food after waiting that long to eat.  After I threw up, I felt great and somehow managed to eat a little more and keep it down.  Luckily, I was able to enjoy these moments watching my boys, just like Tim and I, in awe of our new family member.  They could hardly believe it.

After all that hard work, Tim needed some nourishment too!  I guess this was our version of a champagne toast in the delivery room.  I had my diet coke and Tim had his Mt. Dew.  Cheers!

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