one month

Our little man has brought so much joy {and stress} in just 4 short weeks.  The newborn days are always riddled with anxiety for me.  I'm a worrier.  Worried about him getting enough nutrition.  Obsessing about his bowel movements.  Terrified of germs and spending time in the hospital.  Positive that every time I lay him down he will never wake up.  Crazy, I know.  I also know that every Mother worries about these things too.  I want to be able to remember these feelings because they do fade so quickly.  I want to remember that it's not all just baby powder smell and sleeping through the night.  Newborns are stressful, but they are so, so, so worth it.  So!  Watching his brothers ooh and ahh over him every. single. time. they see him.  Watching his piercing eyes stare into mine.  I know he's wishing he could tell me about all his adventures in heaven.  I can see how much he loves me and needs me.

This past month we've been showered with food, family, friends and so much love.  We feel so blessed for the support we've received.  Truly, I've needed it!  Crew is still giving me anxiety.  At his 4 week appointment he weighed in at 6 lbs 7 oz so he was not yet up to his birth weight.  He's gaining slowly, but still gaining.  Everything checks out great and he seems to be doing wonderful with the exception of a clogged tear duct, just like all his other brothers!    

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