post partum decision

What do you do when your baby turns four months old and you realize that you've had ample time to lose that baby weight and start taking care of yourself, but you look in the mirror and look exactly like you did the day he was born?

You take the one part of yourself those gorgeous-long-flowing-locks-of-beautiful-hair and completely desecrate it?  Like this...

More importantly, you don't even think about chopping off the only-good-thing-you've-got-going-for-you-at-the-moment-hair until your friend is just getting ready to cut. You know, just so you can traumatize both of you!  Luckily, if you have an awesome stylist like I do, you'll still end up looking decent and then take lots and lots of self portraits of yourself so that you can see just how chubby you still are and hopefully get motivated to actually lose some of that baby weight!


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