rough life

Tim sent me a picture from the view in his hotel room at the Aria in Las Vegas while on business there...he entitled it "Rough Life."

I sent him a picture of my view at home...

So. Not. Fair.

But extremely grateful for his job so that I can be a stay at home Mom while he enjoys an incredible meal, quiet hotel room, 60 degrees and days on the golf course. I'll enjoy serving my kids mac & cheese and eating a bowl of cereal for dinner. Then having to finish folding the laundry so that I have somewhere to sleep. Doesn't seem right, but I really wouldn't trade him for anything. I'll take my job over his any day! {okay, maybe not any day, but most days.}


Anonymous said...

Yep. Sounds so familiar!!
Brandon was gone last week, and Kallie was sick. I literally was cleaning throw-up off the carpet when Brandon called without knowing he had... and all I could hear was laughter.

Most days I wouldn't want to trade either... Most days.

Reeses Pieces said...

I totally get this--with my husband being a pilot and all. I tell him all the time I would love to stay in a hotel by myself just for a night and he doesn't get it. Like you though-I wouldn't trade it!!!