five months old

In spite of all the grief Crew gave us this past month, we still love him! The Eve of New Year's Eve (did you get that) Crew was sick. He had a cold all week and wasn't feeling well. His breathing had also been a little scary, but we've dealt with Reactive Airway before and knew what to look for. Tim took the boys to the Annual Cliche Party and I stayed home with Crew. I thought I might need to take him to be suctioned, but he ended up sleeping really well. Tim got home with the boys, we put them to bed and then we started watching a movie. Suddenly, Crew woke up and had stridor breathing.  If you've never heard it before, be very grateful.  It's scary.  One second he was sleeping peacefully and the next minute he was gasping for air.  I threw him in his car seat so fast and rushed off to the ER.  Tim called me and asked if Crew was alive still.  I scared Tim half to death!  I got to the ER and sure enough they took him immediately back in, had a pediatrician look at him, and then administered racemic epinephrine, which is only used in severe cases of croup or stridor.  He had to be monitored all night in the hospital and then we got to go home in the early morning hours. 

Although he was pretty sick for awhile, this little baby was still just happy and content as ever.  He is such a good boy!  He loves to sit up.  We put him in the high chair and give him his toys.  He can sit there for awhile just taking in everything around him.  My boys are still the best helpers with their little brother.  His little buddy Mack is still just rolling circles around Crew.  He loves to show off all his new tricks, while Crew just lays around and stares at him!

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