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Where do I even start with an update on Payton?!  This kid is hilarious and still super responsible (when he wants to be), but is also gaining his own crazy personality.  I feel like he's already a teenager, but he's 9.  He's always been an "old soul."  In many ways, he's mature beyond his years, but other times he just enjoys being a silly kid!  Here are some pictures to document what he's been up to.  For school they needed to do a service project.  These boys came up with this great idea to clean up the Carley's basketball court (really, I think Doug must have put them up to it).  Anyway, it was there ploy to play together while acting like they were doing service.  Jaimy actually snapped them posing like they were doing something.  Payton is so lucky to have Chase and Alex as his BFF's.  He loves these boys and they are like the Three Musketeers.  This year they have all loved being in the same class.  Thank goodness their teacher loves them too. 

Payton is very particular about his grooming and clothing.  He doesn't really like to do anything to draw attention to himself.  He likes his hair just right and is frequently seen in the mirror fixing it when I don't do it perfect.  He always wears socks.  Always.  We joke that he must have weird looking feet or something because we never see them.  Ever.  After he gets out of the shower, he puts on underwear and then socks.  He does not like bare feet.  It's torture for him to go swimming.  Bare feet for over an hour, bleck!  Anyway, back to the grooming.  He's had the same hair style his entire life and likes things to stay the same.  He would never entertain the idea of doing something different.  He is my responsible, sweet child that likes order and socks.  Nothing deviating from his comfort zones.  So, when Tim started telling Payton he should cut his hair in a Mohawk, I wasn't the least bit worried.  In fact, I was almost encouraging it.  I'd love for Payton to do something out of his comfort zone.  However, when I showed up at home one night after running a quick errand, I was stunned to see what Tim had done to his hair...

What was more stunning was how much Payton LOVED it!  Oh boy, this little hair issue has been an interesting subject in our house.  I love that Payton tried something new.  I love that he loves it, but did we have to go that drastic?  Could we have blended it a little more?  Made it look a little less obvious?  Now Payton is just getting started and realizing the endless options he has.  We might be in trouble!  Luckily, he's still a great kid.  Here he is at his Utah Program.  He refused to wear a bandana.  Such the rebel (I blame the mohawk)...and his teacher, who is too nice and didn't make him wear one either.  He is such a great student and a great kid.  We are proud of Payton and so happy that he is a great example to his little brothers.

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Brenna said...

I love seeing pictures of these boys and hearing that they are still such good friends. Will they really be in 5th grade this next year???