parker's 7th birthday

Parker, Parker, Parker knows how much I can't stand Sponge Bob Absolute-Nonsense-No-Redeeming-Values-Whatsoever Square Pants, but insisted and-there-was-absolutely-no-talking-him-out-of-it this was the party for him.  Of course, being the nice mom that I am, rolled with the theme and tried not to roll my eyes at the constant mention of that name for a few weeks.  We sent out "Message In A Bottle" invitations to his friends and turned our basement into "Bikini Bottom."  I have to say that it ended up being a super fun party.  Parker has so many awesome friends and they all get along so well!  It was such a fun afternoon of celebrating.

Parker's actual birthday was on Sunday.  We made him a poster and decorated his room.  He loved the surprise when he woke up!  We had a fun little birthday party with our family before church and then we celebrated with our extended family after church. 

We love our Parky-Park-Parkerson so much!  He is an absolute joy in our family.  He is our little peacemaker.  He is an amazing big brother and takes such good care of Crew.  He adores all little kids and has so much fun with his little cousins.  He is fun to be around.  He loves to play.  He does awesome cartwheels.  He is a fantastic soccer player.  He is very good at video games and building lego sets.  He loves school and reading.  He is so accepting and loving of everyone.  We could go on and on about all the things we love, but you get the point.  He's pretty much awesome!

Happy Birthday Parker! 

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