march fun

Got to love a nice self portrait every now and then.  I think I was texting my hair stylist a picture of my hair curled or something?!  Who knows, but it's always funny 6 months later to find these ridiculous pictures on my phone. 

Love seeing these boys all huddled up on our bed.  We've since bought a king size bed so that these gatherings aren't so squishy!

My sister was in town while the boys were off track so we got to spend some time with her.  One day we went swimming at the rec center.  The boys love playing with their cousin, Harper!

Nothing better than an awesome March snowstorm.  It was the best snow we had all winter.  This snow provided hours of fun while the kids were off track.  They all loved sledding!

I got to substitute in Cooper's primary class a few times.  Those kids are so cute!  At the end of class I let them all draw pictures on the chalkboard.  I'm sure it was about a gospel principle.  These are some cute kids!

You've got to love that in the same month you can be sledding down a hill in the snow and then biking around the neighborhood enjoying a sunny day.  Crew loved his first time riding on the bike with me.  This pretty much raps up an awesome month of fun!

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