In the Spring of 2010 my super-smart-talented-professor-cousin, Angie, sent me an email about an opportunity to submit stories.  She even encouraged me to submit my stories.  I was impressed she thought I was talented enough.

Four years ago I wrote six stories that were published.  They were all rapid fire.  My writing was coming fast and the editors kept publishing my work.  Then I got pregnant, which for me means that EVERY.  SINGLE.  THING.  in my life stops with the exception of trying to stay alive and keeping my children alive.

It has taken me four years to submit another story in spite of my desires.  For the past three years I've had the goal to "write."  Not only did I have the goal, but I kept feeling prompted to "write."

As we do, I ignored, brushed off, and found many ways to distract myself from this prompting.  Mostly in the form of shopping or eating.  Oh yes, and the perfect of excuse of being too busy taking care of my family.

I gained 5 lbs and wasted a whole lot of money just trying to avoid my prompting. 

Until last week.  I had just run five miles.  I was feeling great.  I came home to an empty house.  Everyone was gone, but me.  I used the morning to study, ponder and meditate.  As I began going about my daily tasks of laundry, dishes, checking instagram, facebook and email, I heard that little voice in my head saying, "write."

I had so many great excuses not too.  Instinctively, I grabbed my purse.  Then a brownie.  But something stopped me.  For whatever reason, Monday, April 20th was the day that the excuses stopped.

I promptly marched up to my computer, sat down and thought, now what?  I began browsing the internet.  I started doing some research.  One hour later, as my searching and questions drifted to paper, I had a rough draft of a story.

I was shocked.  How did that happen?  So shocked that I decided to surprise myself some more.  I submitted a proposal to have the article published.  I decided to get back to my household chores, when after just 30 minutes, I received a message saying that my article had been accepted.

I finished the article.  Submitted it.  Less than 24 hours later it was published.

While I'm frustrated at myself for waiting so long, I also know that for whatever reason, this is the right time for me.  I'm excited to continue writing and have set some lofty goals for myself to ensure that I don't stop.

The moral of this story is that if God is telling you to do something.  If he is inspiring you and whispering to you over and over and over again to do something.  He will prepare the way.  He will help you accomplish your goals.

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Angie Miller said...

Congratulations, Brittney! Some writers call it their muse, but we know that incessant pull to create something amazing is the Spirit. Can't wait to read more from you! (And I'm happy to have been part of your journey!)