We can't do it alone


This week has been extremely busy for our family.  The stresses have weighed on Tim as he's had to be out of town.  He feels helpless and distant from our family.  I feel blessed that I can be here with my family, but I still couldn't manage alone.  The only thing keeping me from a nervous breakdown is our friends!

Tim & I have an entire village of friends that we rely on daily.  This week my children had to go home from school with friends two days in a row.  Instead of going home alone to an empty house, they are welcomed with love into our friends homes.  These friends make sure our boys get to scouts, let them tag along to appointments, help with homework and feed them dinner.  They take my children to the library, gas station and allow them to make messes in their homes.

We have friends that come pick our boys up and take them on adventures for the entire day.  These friends treat our children as if they are their very own.  When I need them in a pinch, they are willing to step-in and step-up day after day after day.    

Our friends fill in as coach for soccer practice, run my kids here and there and cheer for them when I'm away at the bathroom with another child!  Our village of friends do more than just physically represent for us, they are there loving our boys just as much as Tim & I do.

While Tim's heart is breaking because he has to be away, my heart is bursting with gratitude for the overwhelming help that we receive each day.  I'm often asked, "how do you handle Tim being gone so often?"

The answer is, "Our village!"  A group of incredibly generous and loving friends who take it upon themselves to help us when we can't help ourselves.

{I wish I had pictures of all my generous friends contributions, but these few will have to do.  Believe me, we have help with ALL the boys, not just Crew.}

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