Top 10 ways you know the Periscope struggle is real

Periscope is a social media app, owned by Twitter, that allows users to live stream video.  While this app has been around since March 2015, it’s just starting to gain momentum and is quickly becoming one of the more popular ways to connect.

Everyone sighs when they hear of yet another social media app they need to download, but for those who have jumped on the bandwagon, they’re loving this new medium.

For all you periscope lovers, here are 10 Periscope problems we can all relate to:

 1.  The flip

You never know what’s going to happen when you double tap.  Food in the teeth.  Zipper down.  Bed head.  You also never know when that double tap will backfire on you and your viewers will feel like they’re on a merry-go-round.

2.  Tapping and swiping everything

You find yourself swiping right on Instagram to share with friends or trying to give hearts to a Facebook post.

3.  You feel like you’re having an affair

You find yourself sneaking away at night to see which of your #scopesisters or #perigirls is live.

4.  Family and friends are so annoying

You are genuinely bothered when your Mom, Husband, best friend or child calls you while you’re “scoping.”  Who do they think they are?  Don’t even get me started about the ones who think they can walk in the room while you’re bearing your soul to the world.  Or teaching your “besties” how to do their makeup.

5.  Your children are malnourished

Because they’re living on goldfish crackers and fruit snacks.  Basically, they're eating anything they can get their hands on because mommy is too busy talking to her phone.

6.  These same children don’t think it's weird

In fact, they don’t even flinch when they see you talking to your phone, laughing to yourself or see you dart across the room as soon as you hear a notification on your phone.

7.  You know the best places to hide in Target

That scope notification goes off and you immediately dart to Men’s Clothing, the Dog food aisle or the Bra section of Target.  You don’t dare miss another inside joke!  #byetodd

8.  You are now “scope broke”
Just one week ago, you had never heard of a beauty blender, roller ball, doterrra oils, dry shampoo, placenta encapsulation or photoshop.  Yet you own all these things now AND every color of lipstick from the drug store!

9.  You’re always talking about your new friends

Everyone in your real life is pretty sure you’re having a mid-life crisis and that you have reverted back to your childhood days of fantasy land.  They’re pretty sure you just have an imaginary friend!

10.  You’ve lost all concept of time

You forget to pickup your children from school, burn dinner and spend an entire day sitting on the couch scoping with your friends.  You’re actually not even sure what day it is anymore.

You can find me on periscope @brittsbroadcast , but don't say I didn't warn you!


Ali Lewis said...

Oh gosh. These are TOO relatable girl. I was laughing out loud and cringing at everyone. Good job. You nailed all of us perfectly.

Jen said...

This is perfection Britt!!!! So true and so wonderful 😂😂😂