On Saturday night, we went to a Luau for Tim's cousin that got married in Hawaii. It was a lot of fun!

Tim & I

Me & My Boys

Don't eat it all at once!

This is Delicious!

The Karaoke Singers (Eric & Jenny)

Brady & Mahina

Eric and one of the Blues Brothers


Andi Wright said...

looks like a lot of fun!! I wish that we could have been there. Ashton was looking at the pictures with me and laughed when he saw the one of parker. He said, "look at all the food in his mouth"!! He said that payton had a mustache. He enjoyed the pictures! I was quizzing him on the everyones names...getting him ready for next week when we are up there. He knows Jenny's name and that is about it. I will keep working with him.

Brittany said...

He only knows Jenny's name...what's up with that? She's the newest member of the family. He better remember my name. Keep quizzing him!!

Andi Wright said...

I'll work on it!! I just tried quizzing him and he walked away!!