Tim's Soccer Game

Last night we went to Tim's soccer game. Trevor Egan scored a sweet goal for our team and the other team scored one goal. We won in a shoot out. Soccer games are always a family affair in the Jones family. Brady and Eric are both on the team (Jdub was before he moved to Arizona!) Both of my cute sister-in-laws were at the game last night and the weather was perfect! We love going to soccer games and are glad that Tim is still playing (even though he is an old man!) The pictures aren't that great, but they were the best I could do. You really can't get close enough to take a good picture.

Looks exciting, huh? Tim's in the dark blue shirt on the right.

Oh wow...look at all that action!

Celebrating after Trevor's goal!




d.r. gib said...

At least Tim can still run. I wish I could still run...I am old and fat.

Jenbug said...

Yeah they won! I am so glad that I got to leave at half time. :) Don't be jealous of my pirate pants either!

Andi Wright said...

I wish that I could still go to Jdubs soccer games. I think that he wishes that he could still play. He plays indoor here once a week with the high school boys that he coaches. We don't go and watch though because there isn't really any where to sit. They play at a private school in a gym...it isn't anything official!! Hopefully when we are in Salt Lake we can make it to a few games.