Those of you who know me well know how much I LOVE organizing! My Mom is getting organized right now and was asking me for tips on how I organized my closets, what containers I used and how I used my labels. She wanted me to take some pictures and send them to her so I thought I would just post them on my blog to share with all of you as well. (I didn't say that I was good at it...I just said that I love it!!)

These are my favorite utility containers for closets. I buy them at Target (of course!). They have 3 different sizes. This is the biggest size. I have them in ALL of my closets. Also, notice the label.

Here is another use of the label. I just apply it to the shelf below the item. Now you know where to find the blankets. As you can see, most of the time the labels state the obvious, but I still love them!

I hope you're not making fun of my labels!! The kids might empty all the books off the shelf and I might forget where they belong!

Okay, you're right, the labels are mostly for aesthetics.

Overall picture of an organized closet. Isn't it beautiful! (And very colorful...it is a kid's closet!!)

These are my favorite containers for our playroom. I love having these containers with lids because they stack easily. Also, younger children have to ask for help opening the lids, which discourages them from dumping all the toys out.

I love this size bin. It's not too small and not too big. Perfect for the kids toys. These are "Sterilite" brand containers that I bought at Target. However, you can buy them anywhere. These are absolutely my favorite kind. I love having the clear bins so that children who can't read know what's in the bins.

This is the bigger size bin. These totes come in tons of different styles and sizes. I suggest measuring your shelf space before you go the store to maximize your storage space. I love these containers because they have a white lid. They are clean and classic looking. Oh yeah...and great for storing things! I use this size bin for all of my seasonal items that I store in my basement.


Daily Jot & Tittle said...

I love it! Because of your enrichment presentation awhile ago..I have more organized closets! You are amazing!

Andi Wright said...

A friend in my ward gave me a good tip for organizing kids toys and items that I enjoyed and Ashton enjoyed helping me. Because little children can't read yet, she got stickers of cars to put on the car container, trains for the train container and so on. Then you have your child help you put the stickers on and put the toys in the box. This way they feel like they are a part of the organizing and when it is time to put the toys away they look at the stickers to see what toy goes in what box. I thought that it was a cute idea!!

Mom said...

THANKS Britt, you are the greatest! I am going to get busy!

Brianne-zam said...

I am laughing right now, not at the labels, just at the fact that your voice narrated the whole thing in my head. Love ya Brittany