FHE with Gma & Gpa

My parents had us over last night for Family Home Evening. My Mom did such a cute lesson. She played a song and story from an old Janeen Brady tape...I loved those when I was a kid. Then she played a fun matching game. She took pictures that matched and taped them to toys that matched (2 spiderman toys, 2 balls, 2 ninja turtles, etc.). First, she hid the toys so the boys had to find them and then they had to put the matches together. They had so much fun. Parker could actually match the toys together (the pictures would have been too hard for him to match.) Great lesson, Mom! After the lesson we had Rootbeer Floats and played outside. It was a fun night!

Grandma, Payton & Parker finding matches

Grandma, Grandpa & Parker

Parker liked the "Monster" in the neighbors yard

He shoots...he scores!

Nice shot!

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Mom said...

Thanks for sharing a FUN FHE! It brought back fond memories!