Preschool Graduation

Payton had his preschool graduation on Tuesday night. For the program they sang songs and then had the presentation of the graduates. Each of the graduates got up on the stage and said, "When I grow up I want to be..." There were a lot of cute answers. Payton did not say anything. (He clearly does not share my love of an audience!!) However, if you refer to my earlier blog post "I don't want to grow up" you'll understand why he didn't say anything...he doesn't want to grow up!! Way to go Payton. We are so proud of you! Thanks to all of our family who came to support Payton (and endured the crazy people and the extreme heat in the gym!)

Payton Performing

Our Little Graduate!

3 Generations of Preschool Grads

This is such a random picture...sorry I made you guys do this! (Missing from the picture is Eric & Krista)

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