Friend Reunion

We had a BBQ with a group of my friends from high school. Okay, most of us went to highschool together, but some we just picked up along the way. And now, half of the group is related to me...how does that work?!? Anyway, it was fun to get together with the old gang. Most everyone was there except for the people that are too cool for us now. You know, there always has to be some in every group. It's so crazy to think that 10 years ago we were running around causing havoc and now we're watching our own children run around and cause havoc. Wow...It's amazing how time flies!

The Kids Playing with Water Balloons

The Chipmans

The Dubs

The Siebenbergs

My Crazy Family

The Gibby's

Mahina, Sarah & Raegan

Brady & Steve (We always knew they had something going on!!)

My Treat Jars (Lisa, this is for you)


Daily Jot & Tittle said...

Thanks for the candy jars photos! Very cute idea!

Anonymous said...

Tim with beard = angry
Time with bear = cosy

Brittany said...

Okay...I'm pretty sure that this is Eric leaving anonymous comments because I don't know anyone else that can misspell so many words....unless you really meant "Time with bear." If you meant, "Time with bear" you are definitely Eric, because I don't know anybody else that would say something that random!!!