Island Park

We just returned from a long weekend in Island Park. We normally go up with all the aunts, uncles & cousins, but this was a special trip with just Tim's family. It was nice to have a smaller group than normal. We all got our own rooms in the cabin. It was wonderful! We got up there thursday and enjoyed relaxing and playing games, which is the best part about the cabin. On friday, everyone got up early and headed out to the golf course. Tim had called earlier in the week and got some tee times, but once they got to the golf course they didn't have any record of the tee times and it was too busy to walk on to the course. So, they couldn't golf. Tim was not happy about that!! So, we decided to go river rafting. I know what you're all thinking...fast water, rapids, adventure, excitement! Nope...this is the slowest moving and most shallow river that could possibly exist, but it does make for an adventure when you have to get out and push the raft because you are stuck on the bottom of the river. And...did I mention that it only takes about 4 hours to get down the 2 mile stretch of river. Yes, it was an adventure! Actually, it really was relaxing and fun for me. Others in our party did not feel the same way...mostly baby Brice. She didn't enjoy the wind too much. Also, the guys got a little tired of pushing us, but the little boys loved it! Most of the family (that did not put on sunscreen) are still feeling the lasting effects of the river trip from the sunburns they acquired on the trip. Tim & Eric topped of the night by putting on some fake tatooes. Nice!



Payton & Eric floating on their own raft

Andi having the time of her life!

Baby Brice

Jdub waiting for some deep water to swim in & Ashton

Grandma Ann with the boys

Tim & Payton

Parker was so exhausted

Payton was proud of how dirty he was

Tim's tatoo

Eric's tatooes

On Saturday, we started out the morning with a parade. We just had to walk to the end of the driveway. The kids got so much candy it took longer to pick up the candy than it did to watch the parade. After the parade, we headed into Yellowstone park. Payton had a Yellowstone Day at preschool this past year and he has been really interested in Yellowstone so we thought that we should take him since it's only 30 minutes from the cabin. We saw lots of hot pots, geysers, Old Faithful, gorgeous waterfalls, lots of bison, moose, deer, coyote and pelicans. It was a lot of driving, but it was worth it. The kids cared a little bit, but got tired of getting in and out of the car by the end. Payton's favorite part was the geyser that sounded like a dragon. Parker loved seeing the rangers riding on horses.

The boys anxiously waiting for the parade to start

Grandma Ann & Parker

The whole family eating lunch at Old Faithful

Me & the boys with Old Faithful behind us

This picture is a pretty good indication of what the weekend was like!

A bison 10 feet from our car

Parker and another Bison

Check out that waterfall...oh...and the cute couple!!

A coyote eating dinner

We had to wait for these deer to cross the road


Can you tell we are completely exhausted?!?

On Sunday we packed up, cleaned the cabin and headed home. We bought the kids a dual screen DVD player for the trip to watch movies. Every so often Payton would laugh hysterically at a part in the movie, but for the most part we didn't hear anything from him. Parker wasn't too interested in the movies. He was too busy to pay attention for more than a few minutes.


Daily Jot & Tittle said...

Looks like a fun family and fun family trip!

Patty said...

How fun! What a neat vacation ** Cool Pictures!

Anonymous said...

Tim with beard = cool. Tim without beard = nerd.

Brittany said...

I feel like Tim left the comment about the beard...I think he might be the only one that thinks it's cool! Am I right?!