In the July Ensign there is an article entitled "Three Tools to Build a Sacred Home." I watched this devotional on KBYU about a year ago and felt so inspired to be a better mother and create a sacred home. I was excited when I saw this article and was reminded again about some important things we should be doing in our homes. The three tools, that Shirley R. Klein, suggests is; first, we need to rediscover and preserve the sacred nature of the home and its purposes. Second, we need to make family mealtime a daily event. Third, we need to recognize that family activities have temporal and spiritual effects. These are pretty simple tools to creating a sacred home. I highly recommend reading this article!

I read another article this weekend in the New Era that was written by L. Tom Perry, entitled, "Thy Speech Reveals Thee." I was sharing with Tim's family up at the cabin something that L. Tom Perry writes, he says "Many times in our effort to refrain from improper speech, we find words to substitute. Sometimes they are so close to vulgar phrases everyone probably knows that we are substituting words and have not really improved our vocabulary." Well, they took this to mean that instead of using substitute words they might as well just swear since it was just as bad. Oops. I guess I shouldn't have told them that. Seriously, this is how L. Tom Perry suggests that we improve our speech. First, make the commitment to erase such words from your vocabulary. Second, if you slip and say a swear word or substitute word, mentally reconstruct the sentence without the vulgarity or substitute word. Third, repeat the new sentence aloud. This sounds easy, but we practiced all weekend and it was SOOO hard. I can't believe how many substitute words I use. I think I'm better off just not speaking at all. This article has definitely made me think about what I'm saying.


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