Pioneer Day

We celebrated Pioneer Day by trekking around the state of Utah in our cars. Tim left the house at 5:00 am to golf at Wasatch in Heber. After golf, We met Tim in Park City at the outlets. We did some shopping. Tim went to work (since his company is national and does not observe Pioneer Day) and the boys & I went swimming at the Marriott with the Fawson's. We swam for quite awhile then headed back down to the great Salt Lake Valley. We got cleaned up and went to Kneader's for dinner (our new favorite place in Herriman). Then we went downtown to the Real Salt Lake Game. It really was an entertaining game. Too many funny stories to tell. We had a great time even though they cancelled the fireworks show. Then we headed all the way back to our home. Aren't we lucky that we can drive our cars all over the valley?! We really are grateful for the pioneers and appreciate all that they did for us. (These are the only pictures I have of our eventful day...sorry they are so lame!!)

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Andi Wright said...

The pictures are cute! We sure do miss going to the Real games. Maybe next year...who knows, I hate my job right now...maybe I will quit and move back to Salt Lake early!! The reason I hate my job (since you asked!?!) is, I don't like potty training my own child...now I am in charge of potty training about nine children...sounds fun doesn't it!