Tim's Birthday

We celebrated Tim's birthday this weekend. Tim & I went and saw Harry Potter on Friday night. On Saturday night, we had my family over for a "Tim" style party. We had Cafe Rio salads & burritos, grape kool-aid, and Joe Morley's mud pie. All of Tim's favorite things! On Sunday, we went to Tim's parents house and celebrated with his family. We had more mexican food and Jenny made a yummy ice cream cake. We also played a crazy game where you cut around a lifesaver on top of a flour tower and if you make the lifesaver fall you have to pick it up with your mouth...weird, I know. But, the kids (and adults) enjoyed it! I think Tim had a great birthday weekend, despite his old age (31-years-old)!


lindsey said...

Yeah Tim! Happy Birthday!
I'm with him, Cafe Rio Salad & Joe Morely's Mud pie, My favorites too!
Oh, and I love the Killers too... nice shirt!

Andi Wright said...

Happy Birthday Tim...sorry that we could not be there for the all of the fun!! I hate being so far away!! I must be home sick or something!! Sick of my home here!! Ha...its not that bad really. Just a bit boring! When we got back we found out that our friends are moving...they are leaving Sunday! I guess this means that we will have to make new friends!