I've had a scanner for almost a year now and never used it. A friend of mine wanted me to find them an old picture so it prompted me to actually use my scanner. It is so awesome!! I can't believe I haven't used it before. It takes two seconds and the pictures are on my computer. Isn't technology wonderful? Anyway, as I went through my old pictures I found a bunch of fun pictures. I will post of few today and save the rest for future postings if you enjoy them.

Susie & I at a dance competition 15 years ago

My Family 20 years ago...when we were all so sweet!

Me & Eric...10 years ago...we look like we're the same age.

Tim with his old scout uniform on. This was probably 8 years ago, but he looks (and acts) exactly the same.


KRiB said...

Memories. Wow.

Jenbug said...

Good pictures! That is fun to put old pictures on your blog. I might have to do that sometime. Anyway, I got my new template from a blog that Mandy referred me to at shabbytulips.blogspot.com. They have some really cute ones and its really easy to do but it took away my links when I updated it so you might want to write them down or something beforehand. I just may not have followed the directions exactly either, I don't know!

Go Jazz said...

I was just as handsome then I am now. Which by the world standards is somewhere around not getting thrown in jail.

The Contented Pig said...