Special Reunion

My darling friend and former running partner, Becky Garrett, was in town from California and we went to dinner last night. We lived in the same condo complex as the Garrett's for 5 years. I loved being able to spy on her from across the complex and see when her blinds opened or when her lights were on. Becky and I ran together every morning and because of her fearless attitude towards life she thought that we should run a marathon together. I was skeptical, but prepared a color coded 6-month traning schedule and we got busy training. I really didn't think we could do it, but she was determined. We enjoyed many, many, many hours of running together and even some injuries along the way. In April 2004, we ran in the Salt Lake City marathon together. It was the most amazing accomplishment!! It was also so incredible that I could share that accomplishment with an amazing friend. We are bonded for life because of our marathon experience. After the marathon, we both got pregnant and the running went downhill. We moved from the condos into a new home and the Garrett's moved to California shortly thereafter. I haven't seen Becky in probably almost 2 years, but when we got together last night it was like we had never been apart!! I forgot how much I loved chatting with Becky about the serious things in life and the not so serious things. It's amazing how a great friendship can last even when it hasn't been nurtured. I am so grateful for my friendship with Becky and for the imprint that she has left on my life. My life has been changed for the better because of Becky. Thanks for being such a great friend...I love you, Britt!!

Becky & I 2007 (This is a horrible picture of me!!)

Becky & I 2004...We did it!!


KRiB said...

Running will kill you. You can quote me on that!

The Contented Pig said...

Where can I get one of those visors? Sweet!