Swimming Lessons

Payton just finished 2 weeks of swimming lessons. It's amazing much he has improved in the past couple weeks. He loves the water and is a little fish now. A couple weeks ago, he was a little bit timid and wouldn't go under the water. My friend Susie and her sister, Bobbi were his teachers. He started out in Bobbi's class, but then was able to move up to Susie's class with the older kids. He was very excited about his progress. He loved swimming lessons!


Andi Wright said...

Way to go Payton!! Keep on swimming!!! If you come down to visit we have a swimming pool for you and Ashton to go swimming in!

KRiB said...

Tell Payton he looks like he has special spiderman swimming powers. He is a brave boy. Did he do the diving board or is that the next class?

Anonymous said...

Payton you look so amazing with your goggles and everything. Keep up the good work. Love, Grandma Ann