I'm Parker!!

Parker is such a funny little kid, but don't tell him that. He only wants to be...Parker! Let me give you some examples of what I mean.

Anyone: "Parker, you are a big boy."
Parker: "No, I'm Parker."
Anyone: "Parker, you are handsome."
Parker: "No, I'm Parker."
Anyone: "Parker, you are a good dancer."
Parker: "No, I'm Parker."
Anyone: "Parker, you are a great artist."
Parker: "No, I'm Parker."
Anyone: "Parker, you are so nice."'
Parker: "No, I'm Parker."
Anyone: "Parker, you're a fun brother."
Parker, "No, I'm Parker."

I guess he's a kid that definitely knows who he is and doesn't want to be anything else. It's hillarious to play this game with him because he gets really upset...even when you're not trying to upset him. Parker, you are too funny (No, I'm Parker)!

This is a picture I took of Parker at the pool today...it's a classic Parker picture! His mouth is full of food that is running down his chest, his hair is in his eyes, but he's always ready to say "cheese." He is such a little ham for the camera!


Andi Wright said...

It's kind of scary how much Ashton and Parker are alike. Ashton still says, "No, I'm Ashton". When you make comments to him like you would to Parker. Cute picture of Parker...I love it!

KRiB said...

Try, Parker, you are a stud!

Reeses Pieces said...

Hey Brittany, what's up? I can see how this blog thing gets addicting. No one out here knows how and they all love it. I guess it hasn't hit Tennessee yet. I too wish we would have gotten together. It was totally my fault. I just got caught up in family things and then time was up and back home we flew. I'll for sure keep in touch and you do the same. Talk soon. Nicole

Patty said...