Mom's Infamous Compliments

If you don't know my Mom, this will probably not be funny, but my family loves picking on my sweet Mom. On Sunday, my Mom made one of her Infamous comments about something and it got us all talking about the many infamous "compliments" that she gives all the time. I got one just last night.

Mom: "Where did you get that hat?"

Britt: "Oh, I bought it at Target awhile ago."

Mom: "Erika wears hats like that all the time." (ZING!!)

My Mom thinks that she is being nice or even giving a "compliment," but it's so obvious that she thinks my hat is totally ugly and has no idea why I'm wearing it. I know that my Mom is laughing harder than anyone else right now. I love you, Mom and I love your "compliments" as well!!


Anonymous said...

What is wrong with my hats mom?!

Patty said...
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Patty said...

Excuse me, Britt, and Erika!!!! I LOVE your hats! I think you BOTH look so cute in all the darling, up-to-trend FASHION accessories and clothes you wear!!!! (This is NOT a ZING!, I'm serious!)

Aaron Smyth said...

Patty is the greatest thing since sliced bread, and she's way funnier!