I love routines! I thrive on knowing what I'm doing and when I'm doing it. This summer we were so busy playing that we really got away from our routines, but now that Payton has started school I am back into my "routine" and I'm loving it!! I just wanted to document for my own records some of my routines. Also, I'm always curious how other people manage their time and organize their lives so I'd love to hear what your routines are!


Monday: Laundry & Ironing
( I do ALL of my laundry and ironing on Monday's and then I don't have to worry about it the rest of the week. I love it! I will often throw in a batch of linens throughout the week and do some ironing one night of the week, but for the most part I love having it all done on Monday's.)

Tuesday: Office Work
(This is the day that I get work done for Interior Impressions, Primary, Learning Links, Pay Bills or any thing in my office that needs to be taken care of. I love having one day that I spend in my office and get everything done. Obviously, I also work on things throughout the week, but this is when I get the majority of it done.)

Wednesday: Errands
(Target, Mall, Target, Jiffy Lube, Target, Smith's, Target, Sam's Club, Target, Library, etc. I love breaking up the middle of my week with shopping and running errands. As you can see, you can always find me at Target!)

Thursday: Cleaning Day
(I grab a huge glass of ice water or diet coke, crank up the music and start scrubbing, dusting, vacumming, mopping, and of course, some organizing. I love cleaning day on Thursdays because I love having a clean house so that I can enjoy the weekend. I also love cleaning once a week because I get it done in one day and it's really easy to keep up on the cleaning if I do it every single week.)

Friday: Play Day
(Woohoo...we can do whatever we want today...the laundry is done, my office work is done, all the errands have been done and the house is clean. I love Friday's)

Saturday: Yard Work
(In between soccer games and birthday parties I try to let Tim get some yard work done. I have to admit that I don't help much in this area, but I'm a real good support system!)

Sunday: Day of Rest
(Okay, technically, this is one of the craziest days of the week for me, but after Primary is over and I've gone to meetings and taken care of all the problems, then I usually get a chance to rest!)


6:00 am - 8:30 am
Abs & Weights
Read Scriptures
Check e-mail
Update Blog
Make Bed
Get Ready for Day
Get Boys Ready for Day
Make Breakfast
Clean Up Breakfast
Walk Payton to School Bus

8:30 am - 12:30 pm
Do my Weekly Routine Items (Laundry, Errands, Clean, etc.)
Try and pay a little attention to Parker
Walk to meet Payton at School Bus

12:30 pm - 3:30 pm
Make & Eat Lunch
Clean up Lunch
Spend time with Payton & Parker
Get Parker Down for Nap
Let Payton Play with Friend
Take a nap (I wish...that was just a joke I slipped in here...maybe someday)
Finish my Weekly Routine Items (Laundry, Clean, Office Work, etc.)

3:30 pm - 6:30 pm
Get Parker up from Nap
Send Payton's friends home or get Payton home
Prepare Snack for Boys
Help Payton & Parker with homework or fun activity
Clean up homework or activity
Straighten house
Prepare dinner

6:30 pm - 8:30 pm
Eat dinner with family
Clean up dinner with family
Do some activity (FHE, Hang out with family, Play football in backyard, go to meetings, go to church activities, finish up projects, do ironing, etc., etc., etc.)
Get boys in bathtub
Get boys in pajamas
Get boys milk
Read book & scriptures to boys
Say Family Prayers
Get boys in bed

8:30 pm - 11:00 pm
Finish up projects for the day
Check blog/e-mails again
Spend time with Tim
Get Ready for Bed
Read Book
Read Scriptures
Say Prayers

DISCLAIMER: These are the things that I should be doing, but most days I don't get to do all of these things or even get them done in this order. This is just how I would ideally like my "routine" to be, but everyone knows that it rarely works out that way. Also, I'm not saying that I do these things alone either (I know that Tim will read this and wonder when the last time I gave the boys a bath, got them in their pajamas and read to them was...it was Monday...I think! He typically does that every night. Thanks Tim!) These are just the things that I need to get done every day whether I do them or not...it's my "routine"...doesn't it look great written down?! I wish that I did half of these things this way, this week, but I didn't. I'm excited to reference this handy little reminder of what I should be doing!


Anonymous said...

Hello Does SomeOne Have Way To Much Time On Their Hands!!!!????
Your Favorite In-Law???!!!

Daily Jot & Tittle said...

Wow. I feel like such a slacker. Actually, I've never really thought about my routines, I just kind of do them. Once again you are an inspiration!

Andi Wright said...

Reading your "routine" made me even more tired than I am right now!! I think that I have a cold or something...or the heat is really getting to me. I have been so tired this past week...of course getting out of bed before 7 and then working 8 hours and still coming home and working at home doesn't help either! Monday I start my regular schedule!! Only 4-5 hours of work a day!! Yeah!!

Anonymous said...

I am tired just reading that. Calm down, please.

Patty said...

WOW, this brings back memories! I have charts and lists that I did when I was your age! But, you have a COOL Blog and are so much more organized! I am PROUD of you!

KRiB said...

My schedule:

Monday - Work; Pick up dry cleaning; Read; Have Patty call and check on Payton and Parker.
Tuesday - Work; Read; Have Patty call and see what Payton are Parker are doing.
Wednesday - Work; Read; Have Patty call and check on Payton & Parker.
Thursday - Work; Read; Have Patty call and check on Payton & Parker.
Friday - Work; Read; Have Patty call and check on Payton & Parker.
Saturday - Take clothes to Dry Cleaner; Read; Have Patty call and check on Pyton & Parker.
Sunday - Go to church; Read; Have Patty call and check on Payton and Parker.

Brittany said...

Mom...I definitely got the list making/chart skills from you (and apparently Dad, too).

Dad...your life is way to easy...did you see my routine? I put your little routine to shame. And it should say: Work, Read, Have Patty call and bug Brittany long after the boys have gone to bed! J/K

Love you guys and hope you're having a great trip!!

Dani said...

Brittany...I ABSOLUTELY LOVE that you have routines. As I like to say "Why Reinvent the wheel?" I will print yours off, try it, call you and complain that I can't quite do it, ask your advice, and then revert back to my lazy no good ways.

This is why I LOVE YOU!