Weekend Update

We had such a fun and busy weekend! On Friday evening, Tim had his first CHS football game of the season. He & Clint do the stats for the team. Tim loves it way too much...he actually missed a soccer game to go to the football game. That's love! Also, he missed an awesome Ward Party. I took the boys to our Ward Party, which was fun! We didn't eat any food because there were so many flies it was disgusting, but the food looked great! Then the kids ran around and played with their friends while I sat around and chatted with my friends. Good times!

Parker & Ryker playing soccer

Lisa & Kate...adorable (I love how Kate lights up when she sees me...I'm trying to figure out how I can have this influence on everyone?! She is one of my favorite friends from Primary)

Another one of my friends from Primary is Jaden, I spent half of the ward party watching & talking to Jaden about his skateboard moves...pretty sweet!

Saturday morning we took the boys to my parent's house. They had been out of town all week and were dying to see the boys (not us...just the boys). We left them with my parents and went to the temple. After the temple, we got Cafe Rio and went back to my parent's house to eat with everyone. Yummy! We headed back home and some of us (Tim & Parker) took naps. After naptime, we went to the Real Soccer Game. It was a great game...for the other team!! The Real players were struggling and we lost. Big surprise!! Luckily, the boys have fun eating their snow cones and I just enjoy spending time with my family!

Sunday I woke up in the early morning hours to hear Tim throwing up...yuck! So, I took the boys to church by myself. After church, we came home and I took the longest nap ever (I think I have what Tim has without the throwing up stuff.) After naptime, we went to Jones's for dinner and a quick game of "Scum."

It was a great weekend!


nicole said...

How fun that you made the connection...and junior high was a long time ago! I'll be honest, when I first visited your blog, I didn't think you looked at all familiar...until I scrolled down, and found that awesome dance picture of you and Susie! Alas, there was the Brittany Bergstrom I remembered from so, so long ago! It's so great to see that your doing so well. You have an adorable family...and wonderful friends too! (Be sure to tell Lisa and Susie "hello" from me!)

Andi Wright said...

looks like you had a fun weekend!! Jdub was throwing up last sunday...so whatever illness is up there is also down here!! That is fun that you went to a farmers market. It looks like the boys really enjoyed the animals. Keep going to the temple!! I wish the closest one to us wasn't 90minutes away! It makes it that much harder when you have kids and no one to watch them.

lindsey said...

What a fun weekend. Sorry about Tim being sick. We are still doing that here too. Look at Lisa... she's always beautiful!