Adventures in Grand Junction

We had a very exciting weekend! Tim & Clint were invited by the CHS Football team to come with them to Grand Junction, Colorado to do the stats for a game they were playing. My parents offered to watch the boys so we thought it would be fun for Me, Tim, Clint & Becca to take a little road trip and spend the night in Grand Junction. Friday after Payton got done with school, we dropped the boys off at my parent's house then went and picked up Clint & Becca. The most exciting part of our trip is that we made a stop in American Fork at Chadder's (the restaraunt that ripped off In n' Out). It was great food! Then we made our way through the deadliest canyon in Utah (or at least that's what Tim told me). We survived and after a 4 hour car ride we made it to Grand Junction. It's probably the size of Logan, UT. We stayed in a nice new Courtyard Marriott (Thanks to, Erika!) After the boys got food poisoning by eating the football players left over chicken because they were too chicken to tell the football coach that they were with their wives and didn't want to eat with the team, we decided to go check out the local mall. It was pathetic and so were we! The only redeeming quality is that there was a Target in the mall. So, I bought a shirt and a few magazines. We dropped the boys off at the football game and Becca & I went out on the town. We ate dinner at Chipotle and then got some Cold Stone Ice Cream. After that we went back to the hotel room, put on sweats and tried to digest all of our food. Actually, we just enjoyed the peace and quiet for a few hours. For those of you who have never been around Tim & Clint when they are together, you should know that they are SO LOUD! They are just loud and obnoxious together. So, Becca & I enjoyed the silence until it was time to pick the boys up from the game. After the game, we listened to the boys wild stories about the game and how Clint "urinated all over Grand Junction" and many more ridiculous comments like that one. We went back to the hotel and played "Scum" until the early morning hours.

Saturday morning we woke up. Tim & I went down to the excercise facilities and worked out for awhile. It was great! Of course, Clint & Becca slept in and just laid around all morning!! Then we checked out and went to the local IHOP. Wow! As you can tell, Grand Junction is a pretty happening town. Luckily, we were with great company so it made for a great time! You can tell from the awesome pictures we took how much fun we had!!


Reeses Pieces said...

Grand Junction....exciting. My sister goes there alot when she's traveling home from Montana. Okay, so when did CHS start traveling? Are they actually good now? Crazy!

Andi Wright said...

Grand Junction sounds as exciting as Bullhead!! minus the Target! In march we are getting a Target and a Kohls!! how exciting is that. I may not want to leave now!! ha ha...yeah right!

Dani said...

Uuuuh...seriously...I could spit on Chadders from my front porch. Thanks for saying hi. Thanks.