1st Soccer Game of the Season!

Today was Payton's first soccer game of the season. He has been anticipating this day for months now. He was so excited! Also, I think Tim was excited to begin coaching again. This season we have 5 boys in our neighborhood on the team and 3 girls that were on Tim's team last year. Plus 1 more new kid on the team. Our team is amazing this year (or the other team was just horrible). They dominated the other team. I personally think it's because of Tim's wonderful coaching! Payton scored the 2nd goal of the game. We were so proud! Payton wanted the team to be called, "Red Fire." He was really hoping that they would have red jerseys so that this could be the team name. He was so excited when Tim brought home the red jerseys...now the team name is officially "Red Fire." They were definitely on "fire" today!


Anonymous said...

Way to go Payton! Abby is missing you too. She almost cant wait to get off the beach and back to school.

KRiB said...

Let us know when they are coming up so we can come see the good guy whoop on some goals.