Treasure Hunt

Today Payton, Alex, Caleb & Parker were playing. They found a bunch of pirate gear and were pretending to be Pirates. I thought it would be fun to do a little treasure hunt with them. I just got a brown paper bag and filled it with treats and hid it in the backyard. They had so much fun that we had to hide at least 10 different treasures. They all took turns hiding the treasure bag. It was a lot of fun! Payton made Tim do a treasure hunt for him & Parker on Sunday. He told Tim exactly what he needed to do as if there were very specific rules. It was cute!

Looking for the hidden treasure bag.

Still looking...

We found it!!

They divided the treats equally on their Pirate Ship!

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Anonymous said...

The funny thing is they were looking for treasure when the real treasure is the memories they gained a long the way.


Smart Pirate