Happy Birthday, Grandma!

We celebrated my Grandma's birthday this past week. She turned 81-years-old and you would NEVER believe it. She has more energy than I do! We went to dinner on Friday night for her birthday then we had a birthday dinner at my parent's house on Sunday. It was a fun weekend of celebrating! I am so grateful that I've always had such a wonderful relationship with my Grandma. She truly is such an amazing woman. She has watched my boys once a week since Payton was born. She loves it. She walks with them down to the park, she takes them to Gardner Village and to the toy store (just to look), she loves nurturing them. She always buys special food just for them. Spongebob Mac n' Cheese, chicken nugggets, juice, popsicles, ice cream cones, rice krispie treats, etc. They love going over to Grandma Chesnuts! She is also amazing in the kitchen. She loves to bake and cook dinner for her family. My favorite things are her homemade bread, chicken noodle soup, mashed potatoes, her famous enchiladas, cookies, turnovers, christmas candy (she'll start making it soon) and anything else she makes. I love how excited she gets about cooking, cleaning and being a domestic goddess. I'd like to think that I got some of those qualities from her! My family is so lucky to have her in our lives. Also, her and my Grandpa celebrated 61 years of marriage on Monday...Wow! They are great examples to us all.

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