Oh Payton...

My sweet Payton has really been struggling since he started Kindergarten. He loves kindergarten, loves school, he likes his teacher, he loves all his new friends...BUT...he's started acting different the past month or so. Suddenly, about a month after school started, he stopped wanting to play at his friends houses (which was always his preference before). He only wanted to play with his friends if they came over to our house. (Of course, this is during a time when I am super sick and would love for Payton to GO to a friends house.) He also has cried about going places with Tim. He doesn't want to go anywhere without Parker. He has even been stressing out about going to his Grandparents houses, which is one of his favorite things in the world to do. He says that he is just worried he will miss me. He also had a few mornings where he would cry that he didn't want to go to school, but he went anyway and was fine. He was constantly worried that I wouldn't be home from school when he got off the bus. He was really stressed out about taking the bus so we started carpooling with one of our friends and he has been really happy about that. He now says that he hates the bus. He is off track right now and is loving it. He keeps saying, "Mom, I'm so happy I'm off track." He really does love school, but I can't believe what a huge adjustment this has been for him. I think in the beginning he loved it so much because it was fun and new, but I think he realized that he is gone from home every day for half a day. It's a huge step and a lot of independence for him. I'm glad that he is off track and acting a little more normal (still not wanting to play at friend's houses.) I hope that he will adjust soon and get over this phase. In the meantime, we're just enjoying all the friends at our house!!

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KRiB said...

A. I told you in the beginning: busses are evil and sometimes the drivers yell at the kids as we've seen on the news.

B. You maybe don't remember but you walked home from Kindergarten a few days after you started and for several weeks Mom had to hang out in the hallway to make sure you stayed at school. Separation anxiety must be genetic.

C. I need to reinvent the Treasure Bag so he likes going to Grandparents again. I have been lax. I am not above bribery.

D. The reason for the third child is that from then on, it is all a blur.