Report Cards

Today was a milestone day in Payton's life (or in my life as a parent)...he brought home his first report card from school. Payton did well on his report card. Here is what his teacher had to say:

*Accomplishments & Strengths, "Payton easily knows all his letters and all their sounds. He works hard in class and gets along well with others."
*Areas for Improvement, "He is very quiet in class. I would love to see him talk more."
*Goals, "Be on a "C" reading level in March (I hope to find out what this means); participate more in class discussions."

I already knew all of these things, but having it written down on a piece of report card history finally made it click. Is this really my child?!? I mean, I know it is. His teacher definitely explained my sweet little Payton, but I started thinking, how did this "quiet" child come from me? "I would love to see him talk more in class." All of my teachers in elementary school were commenting that I needed to talk less in class.

As I was pondering these questions, I thought that I would go back and refer to my report cards. I remember that I was always getting in trouble for talking too much. (I'm sure that doesn't surprise anyone.) So, I took a fun stroll down memory lane today and I found my Kindergarten Report Card and also a picture of me in kindergarten.

You can't read it very well, but the ONLY comment that my teacher had on the report card was, "My goal is to find things that will be a challenge for Brittany. I think that will help build her interest in school." On the work habits and social behavior section I got a "S-" in "Makes Good Use of Time" and "Does neat work." I about died when I saw that...every quarter I got an "S-" in "Does neat work." So when did I turn into a neat freak, Mom? Dad? I can't believe that I wasn't "neat" in kindergarten. And...I didn't make good use of my time...I would say that is one of my "Honor" categories as an adult. I'm so embarassed!! Plus, that is another direct opposite of my child, Payton. He is such a neat freak. He is always erasing things if they are not done properly and will start over. He is a perfectionist on his homework assignments, drawing, making his bed, getting dressed, brushing his teeth, etc. Everyone thought that this was because of me, but apparently, it has NOTHING to do with me. My child looks and ACTS just like his Dad. I guess that's a very good thing...especially when it comes to report cards. I would love to see Tim's kindergarten report card. Tim? Ann? Does anyone know where it is?

What a funny stroll down memory lane. I'm proud of Payton's report card and I've told him that he needs to talk more in class (at appropriate times). He said that he would work on it. However, I think I learned more about myself today. Maybe it's true that we learn from our mistakes. If not, I'm going to try and be more neat, make better use of my time and do things that are more challenging so that I don't lose interest!!


Anonymous said...

Sweet rainbow supendors.

Lis said...

ok, you crack me up! Such an analyst! Sounds like Payton is doing great things, so crazy to see these little ones grow up.
Anywho, love the pic!

Patty said...

COOL!! How proud we are of Payton! Don't you ever tell him to talk more, CONGRATULATE him!
You were such a DOLL in Kindergarten; I was proud of you, too!

Andi Wright said...

There is nothing wrong with being quiet!! ha ha ha...actually I wish that some times I talked more!! It is also fun to sit back and enjoy the crazyness around you!! Tell Payton good job on his report card and to keep working hard!

Reeses Pieces said...

How cute is that picture. Your hair has always been so pretty. Good job on the report card. Today was our report card day too, but let's just say Carson's was the oppostie. Quit talking Carson!

Reeses Pieces said...

How cute is that picture. Your hair has always been so pretty. Good job on the report card. Today was our report card day too, but let's just say Carson's was the oppostie. Quit talking Carson!

Brianne-zam said...

Classic Brittany! We miss Payton sweet little personality. Owen needs a little more of Payton in his life. His best bud in his Kindergarten class is actually named Parker - and is a real fireball - they aren't allowed to sit together. Owen is also doing well - a real perfectionist with his handwriting. My dad said his handwriting isn't even that neat. I love it!

Anonymous said...

I think Tim's report cards etc are in some of the boxes and containers that I made him take to your basement. Good luck finding them, I wasn't and never will be as organized as you are so sorry. Love how well Payton is doing what a star. Love, Grandma Ann

KRiB said...

Payton is awesome and will say something when he has something to say. I learned very late in life that I truly only talk when I have something profound to say and when I have absolutely nothing to say; nothing in between. I have no small talk without speaking points. and I think the later thing was brought on by teachers who told me to talk more so when I didn't have anything profound to say, I smarted off and got into trouble. "But you told me to talk more!"

And the neat thing. It's genetic. My only D I ever got was in 9th grade art. I remember it well. We had to draw a cow skull. I started and then it wasn't just right so I tore it up and tossed it and started over. Then the new one was worse, so rip and toss. the third was even worse that the first two but now time was out and I had to turn something in and I'd tore up the others they were so hideous I couldn't look at them. So I had to turn in the worst of the ones I did. This went on class aftet class and ended with a D and you can see from my signature I didn't get any better but gave up.

LindsSawyer said...

You are a spaz! Nice report card!! Cute pics! Hope you are feeling good!